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Avenida Isabel Ltd is a Creative Business consultancy, licensing agency and sales agent working with designers, manufacturers, brands and retailers around the world. We commercialise our artist's designs and manufacturer's products. We extend their intellectual property and manufacturing capabilities into new product categories and new markets. We have available an extensive portfolio of designs and products and we are able to offer a bespoke service based on the needs of each client.

The commission we charge for each licence we sign on behalf of our designers and manufacturers is an agreed percentage of the net invoice value, excluding tax, shipping, fulfilment charges and any penalties or exceptional admin charges. Commission is paid to Avenida Isabel Ltd. quarterly 30 days after each quarter end. We invoice the licensee and pay the designers or manufacturers the full amount minus the agreed commission as soon as we are able to after receipt of payment. 

As licensing agents Avenida Isabel Ltd. would handle all contract negotiations and safeguard our clients interests. We have strong and good relationships with all our customers and partners. We are rarely confronted with disputes and infrigements of intellectual property. 

We keep electronic files of the designs available for license and the original piece of artwork is property of the designer to be sold privately or as before depending on their market. The digital files held by Avenida Isabel would only be deleted once related agreements have come to their end.

As sales agent we manage all sales and customer relationship in our territories. We offer advice and we are proactive with marketing initiatives, leveraging Avenida Isabel Ltd. extensive network of contacts and retail clients worldwide to increase sales. Expenses and marketing collateral is provided by the client. We are paid on commission and our competitive rates deliver value for money

As consultants we are very flexible and can take long term projects as well as one off consultations. We work on a daily rate


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