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Let Avenida help you to create a colourful, inviting and eye-catching window display this Christmas

Tuesday 01 November 2011

At this time of the year, house proud hosts are always on the look out for that little something special to impress their guests. There is an tray design and size to suit every mood and occasion. Don’t miss out, take a look at our amazing designs


Puddin’head | The New Artisans

Friday 07 October 2011

Puddin’head have been featured on the front cover of The New Artisans: Handmade Designs for Contemporary Living by Oliver Dupon. A book that has sourced the cream of contemporary craft from all over the world.

The practice of handmade craft has undergone a huge resurgence in recent times. This book captures the new mood – a return to a preference for the unique and the artisanal. Dozens of designers and makers are featured, who use craft techniques rather than mass-production methods to create stylish, whimsical, covetable objects.

Design expert and acclaimed blogger Olivier Dupon has sourced the cream of the contemporary craft world from all over Europe, Australia and the United States. His keen eye and creative flair have led him to be featured in many style magazines. Complete with an introduction as well as the author’s personal recommendations for inspiring shops, websites and blogs to visit, this is the perfect resource for discovering unique and beautiful objects handcrafted by new, talented artisans from around the world.

Puddin’head is the creation of Richard McAdam. From early cartographers’ descriptions to the New World and its fantastic creatures to the surrealist movement’s of the subconscious imagination, Richards sources of inspiration are diverse. If there is any underlying thread in his work, it is the gentle humour that is more whimsical than hard-edged.


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