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Saturday 03 May 2014
Linen tea towels Michael Angove exclusive design for avenida home


Painterly designs and graphic motifs that will add decorative notes to your kitchen. Menagerie 100% linen tea towel, exclusive design by Michael Angove for Avenida Home.  Linen tea towel available at SCP, London www.scp.com 


Garden Florals

Monday 03 March 2014
Elle Deco Rose Pink by Michael Angove for Avenida Home

Garden Florals By Amy Bradford

Prints, embroideries and appliqued fabrics featuring prettY blooms formed a counterpoint to the trend for modern digital florals that has reigned in recent seasons.  Work a traditional country garden look with trailing roses, clusters of daisies and romantic watercolour prints, on everything!

"Pink Rose" Round Table Mats and Drinks Coasters By Michael Angove for Avenida Home. Exclusively available at Article Design, Dublin and SCP, London (www.scp.com) 


Colour adds beauty to everyday living

Saturday 12 January 2013
Farmers Market

The way I work and live - I read, travel, eat, walk, look, dream - I discover colours along the way. I think colour first and everything I make and do is inspired by my colour findings. Colour adds beauty to everyday living. New Year, New You does not necesarily needs to be exercise and diet, think colour first and add beauty to your everyday living. Be inspired! 


FT- How to spend it – Van der postings

Sunday 02 September 2012
Finantial Times Sep 2012_72dpi

First-class dispatches from Lucia van der Post, the grande dame of luxury

Every household needs a tray…or better still, two, or three and there is no better trays than the iconic birch wood trays. Dill is the latest and most beautiful Chinoiserie design by Michael Angove, they come in natural and black and are available from Avenida Home.

NEW from Avenida Home

Why not bring a sprig of greenery to your table settings with Michael’s Dill round placemats. Set against a bold black background, the vivid greens and striking whites of the dill and feathery sword fern make this comtemporary Chinoiserie print jump out at you. Surprisingly lifelike, you’d be forgiven for thinking a butterfly had just landed on your table setting. Also available as round drinks coasters, go with the natural theme and pair your Dill coasters and placemats with Michael’s Feathers tablemats.


Homes and Gardens: Whimsical Woodland

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Striking design that brings nature indoors

As we gradually find our way into Autumn, the winds of changes remind us of the green and gracious space around us. However as the leaves start to fall down, we encourage ourselves to bring the leaves indoors and recreate what is outside. In the October 2012 issue of Homes and Gardens magazine, we see the Dill Chinoiserie by Michael Angove as a part of the accessories list inspired by sylvan scenes. Why not visit Avenida Home for Dill Chinoiserie placemats and drinks coasters.


Head to the Watermill at Aberfeldy

Thursday 16 August 2012

Explore the Watermill – the UK’s Independent Bookshop of the Year – and lose yourself in the gift shop next door

Jayne and Kevin Ramage had a vision to create a place that inspires. They succeeded in the proceedings and in doing so, they have helped many visitors dreams come true as well. If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful spot and experience the Watermill first hand, you will not be disappointed as it has got to be one of the most relaxing and pleasant spaces I have visited for some time!

Books, music, an art gallery, coffee, lunch and cakes are all housed in the beautiful restored Watermill building and as a bonus for those unique gift seekers, there is Homer, the gift shop next door. Situated in the barn next door to the mill, this shop sells design-led homewares and accessories and with the creative horizons of Jayne Ramage, it manages to host an array of contemporary Scottish designs sitting cheek by jowl with vintage pieces from far-flung corners of Europe.



Sunday 15 July 2012

New Brand distributed by Avenida Isabel

Avenida Home is a design led British brand founded by Isabel Saiz – The idea behind its first table top collection is to bring together art, craftsmanship and functionality.

Featuring on the place mats , table mats and coasters are much loved pieces of art by Michael Angove and Nathalie Lete and contemporary designs by Alabasta and Puddin’head.

The products are a celebration of British craftsmanship. The strength and durability is due to the high quality materials: 4.8 mm eucalyptus board from renewable sources, rich black baize felt on the reverse, and a protective fine melamine coating heat resistant to 160°C.


Homes & Gardens best shopping buys

Sunday 19 February 2012

Homes & Gardens shortlist Michael Angove and Liberty as their favourite designs 

Despite being the smallest on show, the spoons tray from Michael Angove’s Drawings Collection, stands out from the crowd


Homes and Gardens Shortlist

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Michael Angove designs continue to be a favourite of all major interior design editors. His timeless ‘Spoon’ drawings are available in 5 different shapes and a variety of 4 beautiful colours:

Exclusive to Liberty

Ary Trays Edenham Liberty Print Tray is also featured in Homes and Gardens this month.

These trays are handcrafted using the finest Scandinavian birch wood, and use beautiful Liberty fabric for a gorgeous effect. The marvellous trays are exclusive to Liberty, who also stock a wider selection of trays including Michael Angove designs within their inspiring new kitchen department.


Homes and Gardens feature Michael Angove’s shortlisted design for the ‘Gift of the year’

Wednesday 01 February 2012

Homes and Gardens feature Michael Angove’s shortlisted design for the ‘Gift of the year’

No stranger to the iconic birch wood trays, the highly inspiring Homes & Gardens magazine have once again chosen to feature an innovative design from Michael Angove Chinoiserie Collection in their February 2012 issue.

Inspired by sustainable living, Michael Angove’s Dill design is all about bringing the outside into the home. These beautiful trays are handcrafted using Scandinavian birch wood from an FSC certified well managed forest.

View more designs by Michael Angove here


Dill', the latest design by Michael Angove, is now available from Liberty and Fortnum & Mason

Tuesday 22 November 2011

'Dill' is the latest addition to Michael Angove’s popular Chinoiserie Collection. The design features delicate flora and fauna images that provide a stunning setting in any room. Inspired by sustainable living, Angove has created a liberated new design of detailed naturalism.

Each tray is completely unique

New techniques developed by Ary Trays enable the beautiful wood to show through Angove’s designs, creating a completely unique tray each time.

Back to basics

In a world filled with plastic and non-biodegradable material, why not go back to basics with a natural, functional, and completely unique birch wood tray.


Michael Angove designs available at The Linen Works

Wednesday 02 November 2011

Micheal Angove’s beautiful Luna Spoons design is now available at The Linen Works, a wonderful online natural home shop offering full of stylish simple and functional products that grow more beautiful as time goes by.

Both Easy Living, and Homes & Gardens magazine have picked up on Angove’s innovative design and featured the 38cm Scandinavian birch wood tray in their November issues. You can view these features below!


Let Avenida help you to create a colourful, inviting and eye-catching window display this Christmas

Tuesday 01 November 2011

At this time of the year, house proud hosts are always on the look out for that little something special to impress their guests. There is an tray design and size to suit every mood and occasion. Don’t miss out, take a look at our amazing designs


Feather Tray included in The Financial Times Gift Guide!

Wednesday 05 October 2011

Michael Angove’s detailed and enchanting feather designs for Ary Trays have made it onto the Financial Times ‘How to spend it’ guide! – A website full of worldly pleasures selected by the Financial times award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine.

You can view the whole range of Michael Angove’s wonderful illustrations here


Drawings by Michael Angove' featured in The Observer Magazine

Wednesday 28 September 2011

The Observer Magazine have picked up on Angove’s award-winning designs, and featured a tray from Ary’s 'Drawings by Michael Angove' collection in their lust list!

Made from sustainable wood and hand finished, Ary Trays are not only beautiful, but functional and robust.

View even more innovative designs from Angove 


Michael Angove adds a new dimension to his timeless ‘Drawings’ collection

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Angove’s ‘Cherry Spoon’ design features a detailed drawing of an intricate Edwardian silver spoon, and a fresh red cherry elegantly dropped alongside which really does look good enough to eat!

This special edition tray comes in a new useful size (32 x 15 cm) and best selling colours.

Be it cakes, clothes, or kitchenware, it seems cherries really are the perfect way to top off something sweet!

Follow this link to discover more pieces from Michael Angove 


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